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kelli_williams's Journal

Kelli Williams
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Hi and welcome to kelli_williams! We're your mods pottermanic and not_as_we!

The Community

Whether you loved her as the kick ass, civil case lawyer Lindsay Dole on The Practice, the second-in-command Dr. Natalie Durant on Medical Investigation, the sex-animal Kristen Murphy on Scrubs or now as the crime-solving, junk-food loving, lie-detecting Dr. Gillian Foster on Lie To Me, this is the place where all your Kelli love can come together in its flaily glory.

It's simple really. We love Kelli. And if you do too then this is the comm for you. The first ever LJ community dedicated to Kelli herself! Consider this a place where you can squee and flail all you want over this wonderful woman. Feel free to post pictures, share news/opinions/thoughts, and generally use this community to interact with other Kelli fans! :)

We want you to be able to share the love!


Be Smart. Play Nice.
kelli_williams is a community for us to show our appreciation and squee-age. Please keep the drama in your own journals for everyone's sake. Fights and internet bashing will not be tolerated. We're all here because we love Kelli so let's focus on that.

Please remember that Kelli is a very real (and wonderful!) person so be respectful. This is not a place to post large amounts of gossip and speculation about her and her personal life.

Any Lie To Me spoilers MUST be behind a cut! Please guys, no one likes getting unintentionally spoiled. Spoilerific entries that don't follow this rule will be deleted. Seriously.
Also, large numbers of photos/icons or just general large images please go behind a cut so as to not stretch people's f-lists.

Have Fun!
We're hoping to provide a positive atmosphere for all of those who love Kelli. Please feel free to start discussions about Kelli and her work! Enjoy!

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